The Love and Power Journal

  •  The Love and Power Journal- 52 weeks of getting inside your mind.

    Love and power are two subjects that I don't think humanity will ever get tired of talking about.

    Why? Because love is all there is and power is an expression of love.

    I am not talking about power over others and / or financial power. I am talking about personal power, that which remains when all worldly possessions, titles and socially given praise are taken away from us. I am talking about when you find yourself alone at night, with your thoughts, with your fears and your body-aches, with your memories, your pain and your hopes... the overall frequency or feeling that takes you over. What is it?

    And that is what I believe this little book talks about. It says: "When love is felt inwardly but there is an absence of power, love remains dormant, unable to reach out and affect the world at large".

    The books explains that to take on your power means to stop allowing others to manipulate you or, in other words, to stop giving your energy away at every opportunity in order to avoid having to take responsibility for who you are and what you want to become in the world. "If you can sense when to let go of situations that DRAIN YOU and NO LONGER SERVE ANYONE, you HOLD THE KEY THAT UNLOCKS THE DOOR TO TRUE SKILL & MASTERY".

    I am doing an online workshop looking for some amazing people..

    Everyone gets a book mailed to their home ( United States only) 

    So for the next 52 weeks- You have a journal that will explain everything in full detail what you have to do for the next 52 weeks.
    I am going to be here with every step of the way!! I did this in 2015 and 2016.. Now I am doing it again in 2017

    I am looking for people to invest in themselves to get courage and willingness to explore the wilderness of your own soul...

    To be a part of this workshop it is $52 

    What you get:
    The Love and Power Journal Book- mailed to you
    Once a week Video call with me to talk about whats going on
    Text from me to hold you accountable to do this each week
    unlimited email support
    **Discounts on everything I offer
    ****Free gift from me to you after you are done with your journal

    This workbook should provide a sacred record of your journey to wholeness as you discover your own truths and record them here. It covers a linear year with weekly exercises for physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health and well being and teaches how energy flows within you and around you.