• Focus on the Important

    Posted March 25 by John Roth

    Every Leader needs to "Focus on The Important" and spend less energy on the unimportant. We are always getting distracted by others tugging at our time, our weaknesses and our minds, trying to get us to focus on their agendas. As I've said before, this is your dream, this is your business; you ...

  • Our VISION for YOU!

    Posted March 21 by John Roth

    Create your own vision. Don't choose someone else's vision. You are not here to help me or Glenn become successful or make us a lot of money. For you to get passionate, you need to do it for yourself and for your family. I don't want you to live my dream; "I want you to live your dream." "S...

  • Have a Zen Attitude

    Posted March 19 by Angelique Mercurio

    Have a Zen Attitude. Think of life not as something that’s happening to you, but as something that’s happening for you. Look at any challenging situation, person, or event as a teacher that’s been brought into your life to teach you something. The next time you find yourself think...

  • Relish Small Pleasures.

    Posted March 19 by Angelique Mercurio

    Relish Small Pleasures. Big pleasures—graduation, getting married, being promoted, having your book published—come too infrequently. Life is made up of tiny victories and simple pleasures. With the right mental attitude, watching the sunset, eating an ice cream cone, and walking bar...

  • Don't Hold the Phone

    Posted March 16 by Angelique Mercurio

    A poll recently found that 82% of adults said that cell phones get in the way of having meaningfulconversations.Seeing a phone light up with a notification or  a call is distracting and will  pull you away from the discussion.Agree to put your phones away when you're having an important ta...

  • Action over Fear

    Posted March 16 by Angelique Mercurio

    ​Stop spending so much time thinking about what you are going to do!!! This is what keeps us stuck 

  • You're Always in Charge of YOU

    Posted March 16 by Angelique Mercurio

    YOU'RE ALWAYS IN CHARGE OF YOU You're the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. While your character is formed by circumstances, your own desires can do much to shape those circumstances. Thus, you have the power over the formation of your own character. Nature is always at work aro...